Community Resilience under Urbanisation and Climate Change – An Overview


This book is about exploring the vulnerabilities and resilience capacities that emanate from urbanisation and climate change. It asserts, urbanisation and climate change have been instrumental in shaping human settlements and communities. The pattern has been particular in the global south where urbanisation is rapid and agro based societies are significantly impacted by climate change. Community resilience has gained momentum in recent years, and it is interchanged with sustainability. It has become another buzzword to dominate human settlements and climate change mitigation discourses. As a new buzzword in human settlements, resilience has been mistakenly interchanged with sustainability with a risk of replacing it. The rise of urbanisation and intensifying impacts of climate change have increased the uncertainty, by increasing the essence of resilience in social settings.


The Good Currency of Community Resilience
Key Contentions of this Book
Chapters Synopses

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