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Welcome to my personal site. On this website, I take you through some of the exciting work I have had the privilege to work on across Africa.

African Cities

On Transformation of Cities

I’ve been studying cities for more than 10 years now. Along the way, I’ve balanced many roles: as a researcher, writer, advisor and speaker. I’ve had the privilege of directing and being involved in several initiatives across the African continent that seek to transform cities towards sustainability, prosperity and inclusion. Through the years; working with research institutions, governments, communities, local and international organizations has equipped me with valuable experience on the urbanisation processes across Africa. I have had the privilege to publish findings from most of my research work in various formats which have contributed to better understanding of urban development in the global south, collectively termed “Southern urbanism.”


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On this website, you will find the work that I have been doing for more than 10 years now; researching urbanisation and the transformation of cities across Africa.



/ ‏‏‎ Financialisation

I research on the impact of financialization on various dimensions of cities with my current focus being Fintech and Platform urbanism in cities of the Global South.


/ ‏‏‎ Smart Cities

I explore the emergence of smart cities and how technologies and digital innovation are shaping cities in the 21st century taking a Global South perspective.


/ ‏‏‎ Urban Mobility

Understanding mobility is core to my research and how mobility interlink various facets of urbanisation such as infrastructure and sustainability.


/ ‏‏‎ ‎Urban Economy

I study the transformation of cities seeking to understand how cities are unlocking economic potential in the new age of financialized capitalism particularly in African cities.

My Professional Journey



2024 - 2028

Doctoral Researcher

African Centre for Cities

2019 - 2023

Senior Researcher

Glensburg Cities Institute

2017 - 2019


Glensburg Cities Institute


2024 - 2028

PhD Architecture & Planning

University of Cape Town

2015 - 2017

MPA Public Policy

Central European University

2010 - 2014

BSc Regional & Urban Planning

University of Zimbabwe


- Vision


In my work on transformation of cities, I am driven by three values that inspire me work towards creating communities that are more livable across Africa.

My life's work on urban development is focused on ensuring the current planning and design co-exist harmoniously with the environment.

As cities are engines for economic growth, I believe unlocking the economic potential of cities improve livelihoods of communities.

I believe in shared prosperity, by developing cities that cater for needs of all people in the community.

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I would love to hear from you regarding feedback on my work, possible collaboration or consultancy on urban transformation. Please get in touch!

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Tel: +27 82 817 7175

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African Centre for Cities
University of Cape Town
South Africa, 7701

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