The sustainability irony of suburban solar carports

African cities are in a race to keep up with the global trend of environmental sustainability and renewable energy in urban areas. At the same time the rapid urbanisation worsened by inner city decay has led to the rise of suburbanisation in most African cities. Thus, the suburban areas and suburban commercial centres are gaining […]

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The Kilamba City controversy: What can African cities learn?

In 2012, Kilamba New City located 30 km out of Luanda made global headlines as Africa’s first ‘ghost town’ constructed by Chinese companies. Following the intervention of the Angolan government to make the constructed housing affordable through subsidies, the occupancy rate of the newly built city rose, debunking the ‘ghost town’ narrative. As much as […]

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Behind the African Union Passport and Challenges ahead

The 27th African Union (AU) Summit ended with a flagship launch in Kigali on 18 July 2016. The African Union e-passport was launched at the summit, a step seeking to facilitate the free movement of people and commodities within the continent. This launch followed a year after the signing of Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) […]

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